Publication des Actes du colloque “Ancient Armenia at the crossroads” – QI vol. 579


Perello, B., Badalyan, R., Meliksetian, K. (eds.), 2021. “Ancient Armenia at the Crossroads: Natural Hazards and Adaptation Strategies in Armenia from 10,000 BC onwards”, special issue in Quaternary International, Vol. 579, 114 p.



Ancient Armenia at the crossroads: Natural hazards and Adaptation Strategies in Armenia from 10 000 BCE onwards

Bérengère Perello, Ruben Badalyan, Khachatur Meliksetian
Pages 1-5

Paravani, a puzzling lake in the South Caucasus

Erwan Messager, Jerôme Poulenard, Pierre Sabatier, Anne Lise Develle, Bruno Wilhelm, Sébastien Nomade, Vincent Scao, Charline Giguet-Covexa, Ulrich Von Gradenstein, Fabien Arnauda, Emmanuel Maleta, Ana Mgeladze, Estelle Herrschere, Mathilde Banjana, Arnaud Mazuyf, Jean-Pascal Dumoulin, Soulaya Belmecheri, David Lordkipanidze
Pages 6-18

Seeds from vishaps’ environment: Archaeobotanical findings from the high mountainous site of Karmir Sar (Tirinkatar, Mt. Aragats, Armenia)

Roman Hovsepyan
Pages 19-28

Desert kites and aggregated cells of Mt Aragats (Armenia): Spatial coincidences?

Olivier Barge, Bérengère Perello, Emmanuelle Régagnon, Camille Noûs
Pages 29-41

Geographical proximity and material culture; the interplay between Syunik and the southern part of the Araxes river basin in the 6th to the 3rd millennium BC

Sepideh Maziar
Pages 42-58

New elements of burial practice in the Kura-Araxes culture: The discovery of Karnut cemetery (Armenia)

Levon Aghikyan
Pages 59-71

The church of the transfiguration (Khumarzham) in Garni: Archaeoseismology and transformations of this monumental building from antiquity to the 19th century

Bruno Helly, Alain Rideaud
Pages 72-81

The LA3M Archaeological Mission in Yereruyk. Main results from the 2009-2016 campaigns

Patrick Donabédian
Pages 82-98

Animal mobility, human mobility: A geopolitical of sheep in Armenia

Michael Thevenin
Pages 99-114


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